7. September 2009
EBC09 Pictures online

Here is a link to many pictures taken by Andre Aepli, Henrik Mahler, my father and me:

More pictures by Rainer Graebentiech:

If any thrower has pictures of the EBC09, please contact us! We will add them online.


3. September 2009
Lausanne FM radio coverage

Please check the following link for a coverage of the EBC09 on the Lausanne FM radio station. Check the "Journal des Sports" of August 26th and 31st.

3. September 2009
TSR2 video coverage of EBC09

Here is a link to the video of TSR (swiss television), about the EBC09.
The film was done on Saturday and diffused the same day at 10:40pm on TSR2.

2. September 2009
EBC 2009 Results

After two long days of competition, Fridolin Frost (D) and Stephan Spirgi (CH) finished at a tied first place! No tie-breaking event was run. Congratulations to both of them for their 2009-2010 European Champion title!!

Women Champion: Marie Morard (F)
Seniors Champion: Horst Faika (D)
Juniors Champion: Alessandro Scarpellino (I)

Events Champions:

Accuracy: Francesco Rossi (I) 84 pts
MTA: Oli Thienhaus (D) 45,89s
Fast Catch: Nicolas Rouland (F) 22,89s
Endurance: Fridolin Frost (D) 56 catches
Aussie-Round: Alexander Opri (D) 90 pts
Trick-catching: Oli Thienhaus (D) 96 pts

Complete results:

30. August 2009
LD Title goes to Manuel Schütz

The LD European Championship was held on Friday, Aug 28, in Bière. There were 30 participants in total. Manuel Schütz (CH) defends his title with an impressive distance of 222 m, followed by Uwe Kitzberger (164 m) and Thorsten Gaupp (161 m). Best female is Sonia Appriou (F) with 72 m.

17. August 2009
New update of participants list

The list of participants has been updated tonight.

14. August 2009
Schedule - Horaire

The detailed schedule of the week-end is now available under the "Schedule" page, the link is on the right.

L'horaire détaillé du week-end est désormais disponible sous la page "Schedule", le lien est sur la droite.

29. June 2009
List of participants updated

The list of participants has been updated tonight and is avalaible under the "Participants" page:
- 71 throwers from 12 countries have registered to the regular tournament
- 31 throwers will compete in Long Distance
- 21 visitors will supports competitors

5. May 2009
LD Info added

Information on the Long Distance tournament on Friday, Aug 28, to be held in Bière, 30 minutes from Lausanne, have been updated

11. February 2009
Update / registration page open

The information on the regular EBC09 tournament is now complete and online. We will update the pages on the Long Event over the next 2 weeks. The registration page is open now. The deadline for registration and for the advance fee payment is Friday, February 27th, 2009.

9. November 2008
ebc09 homepage online

The EBC 09 homepage is online now, though on a very crude level. We will add the relevant information in the coming months. The European Boomerang Championships will take place in Lausanne from August 28-30, 2009.

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