The tournament in Lausanne is held since 1999. Since 2003, it is the official Swiss Boomerang Championship.

Edition Participants Winner
1999 22 Manuel Schütz
2000 30 Didier Bonin
2001 25 Yves Cazé
2002 24 Frederic Burgeot, Stephan Spirgi
2003 55 Fridolin Frost
2004 60 Fridolin Frost
2005 54 Fridolin Frost
2007 ??? ???

Weather in Lausanne

Weather conditions in Lausanne have always been very good over the last 7 editions. The only exception was in 2005 where the last event had to be canceled due to sudden and very strong wind. Best scores and records of the previous editions illustrate this:

Records in Lausanne

5 World Records and 1 European Record were set in Lausanne.

Aussie Round WR 96pts 2005 Fridolin Frost
Accuracy-100 WR 97pts 2005 HG Hoffmann
Accuracy-100 WR 97pts 2005 Thomas Szartowicz
Aussie-Round ER 94pts 2003 Charles Richard
Accuracy-100 WR 96pts 2003 Manuel Schütz
Endurance SR 76c 2003 Manuel Schütz
Accuracy-50 WR 68pts 2001 Thomas Stehrenberger
Endurance SR 72c 1999 Manuel Schütz

Apart from these major records, numerous Swiss, Italian, French and Canadian records were improved in Lausanne.
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